We’re an all-in-one service provider

for your smart home. With well-vetted automation and management systems for your convenience.


To us, home automation is not the future but the need of the hour. PrayAuto can make everything at home work together the way you want them to; automatically. With our custom home automation solutions, you no longer need multiple remotes just to watch television; or a wall filled with switches and knobs that take multiple attempts to find the right switch for the right light.
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BMS (Building Management System)

With our Building Management System you can control the environmental conditions and equipment in a building. It monitors the building’s electricity, water, heating, and air conditioning systems. It also controls other facilities such as elevators, escalators, and security systems. We also provide Building Management System (BMS) solutions for office buildings, schools, hospitals and many other types of buildings.
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Security and Safety

We are one of the best Security and Safety providers in Pune
PrayAuto home security system has a 24-hour, three-step protection plan. The system is designed to live up to your family’s needs and is also customizable. You can choose the level of protection, customize communication alerts, and even set up a vacation mode. With the PrayAuto system, you can be confident that your family will be safe and secure at all times.
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Design and Consultancy

We help companies improve their operational efficiency and profitability with our Design & Consultancy Service. Our expert engineers have years of industry expertise and are capable of delivering individualized designs that meet our clients’ needs. We work closely with our clients, giving them advice and support so their projects are successful. We also provide extra resources if needed at any stage of the project.
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Custom Solutions and Integration

Our proven control system development method will ensure you exceed your goals, stay under budget and provide long-term ROI. We provide turkey automation solutions that start as a concept and are designed, programmed, and installed by EPIC. The steps every project goes through include:
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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services for all our services through out India. With the help of our experienced professionals, PrayAuto undertake Industrial Annual Maintenance Contracts related to out Automation and other services. Annual Maintenance Control (AMC) helps you with preventive & predictive maintenance tasks that help in maintaining the automation system. This ensures a smooth and trouble-free working of your system, thereby boosting productivity. It also enhances the longevity of your systems, thereby reducing your troubles.
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Audio/Video Solution

We are one of the best Audio/Video Solution providers in Pune
A good AV system is a genuine “business” decision. Even for Organizations that are traditional businesses. For retailers, good sound can create a mood conducive to buying or dining. In Conference/Training rooms, Seminar Halls, Speech intelligibility & Crisp Displays are paramount to make reach your message to the audience without loosing clarity. At houses of worship, studies show a good sound system has a significant impact on attendance. Today’s universities need to have the latest technologies in AV collaboration to train leaders of the feature.
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We are the best Networkers in Pune that know how to make everything work flawlessly

Information and communication technologies have changed the way we live substantially in recent decades. The introduction and incorporation of new technologies such as the internet has influenced our lives no end. Life today can’t be envisioned without a consistent communication medium.
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